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Zodiac E3 Flo Pro - Variable 3 Speed Pool Pump

Is your pool pump costing you a fortune in power? We have the solution to cut your pool's running cost by as much as half.  The new Zodiac E3 pool pump is a variable speed pool pump designed to suit most pools.

Add to this the $150 Pool Pump rebate currently available to Queensland customers through Energex and there is no better time to upgrade your pool pump to a Zodiac E3.

Zodiac E3 Features:zodiac_e3_pump

  • 3 Standard Speed Settings
  • Variable Speed Adjustments
  • Quiet Operation
  • Standard Priming Mode
  • Standard 240volt 10amp plug
  • Easy Lock Lid
  • Large leaf basket
  • 50 & 40mm Plumbing options
  • 3 Year Warranty

Zodiac E3 - More Info


Like all the new age variable speed pool pumps the Zodaic E3 Flo Pro uses DC current which means that the pump will run quieter, it will also run cooler as it is not burning off excess energy.  The pump also has a built in priming mode, priming mode starts the pump running faster, allowing the E3 to draw in the water sooner and help ensure that any air within the filtration system is purged so that the pool system can run at full capacity.

Need more water Flow?

Because the E3 is variable, you will always have enough water flow to run your pool system.  If you have a pool cleaner that is a little sluggish, that is something that could be fixed by using an E3.  The same principal can also be applied to running perhaps a water feature or spa jets at the same time because you can up the speed of the pump at the press of a button.

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